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A tasty stop

Actualité publiée le : 26/02/2012

 Vinauberge - Poilhes

New, innovative, functional, welcoming, delicious are all adjectives that come to mind while visiting the Vin Auberge in Poiles, a wee but wonderful village literally on the Canal du Midi.

Driving either by canal boat, a bicyle, or a more common mode of transport, a car, one enters the village feeling lost in time and space by the untouched beauty that vibrates in this little spot in the south of France. And now, an Auberge(yes, you can stay in one of the lovely rooms with a view), but even more importantly, you can taste wine. And I mean really taste wine..almost all of the Languedoc Labels will be listed at some time or another if these international owners have their way.

The extraordinary idea is to create a place for public tasting with the wine makers but also for professionals to be able to make a 1 stop shopping; to taste, choose and then buy directly from the estates.

So easy! Perhaps a tasty tapas while tasting too? The Vin Auberge has thought it all out!


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